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Website design and build

We have been designing and building web sites for over 12 years.

On our team we have top designers and technical experts. This means that we can always design, build and provide the solution that best suits your needs.

Internet technology is always changing and we aim to always be at the front of new ideas and solutions. When we plan a site it is always with a view to capitalise on the technologies available.  All web sites we build have the capacity to expand and change with your business needs and in most cases won't require expensive rebuilds or redesigning.

You may have been approached from companies offering to get your web site onto the first page of Google.  Well we don't promise that and, in truth, no one can.  But as part of designing and setting up your site we will optimise it to get the best position we can on Google and other searches.

Remember, when you approach CaveSpider about a web site, you'll get a fixed price.

Website design

On our team we have some really excellent designers who can with you to develop the look and feel that suits you and your business and attracts the sorts of visitors you want. Not only does it need to look good, it needs to work. To acheive that we need to know as much as possible about your business, your market and your intended audience. We have developed a Discovery Process to help do just that.

Building the website

When we build a website, big or not so big, we utilise the best technologies we can lay our hands on. More to the point the best that will suit your project. Nearly everything we build now uses what is called a CMS or Content Managed System. This allows you to manage the content of the site yourself, if you so wish. You can add new pages. Edit the existing content or add pictures.

Using this kind of system allows us to do a great deal. For instance you could have an area of the website reserved just for signed up members or registered users. You can add a blog, news feeds, photo galleries even an ecommerce section. You can add these at the outset or later when funds or needs allow.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation

Not only is this a 'trending' term it a very important part of the consideration when developing a website. Currently Google is the most popular search facility we have to consider. If you get it right there then it will generally do well with the others. The optimisation process starts with the design of the site. It's a lot more than just getting a few keywords right. The way the menus are created, they way the various aspects of the site are labeled in the code so the Google knows what is what in your website. What we encourage Google to see and maybe even what we don't want Google to see.

Part of our initial discussions with you would be about who your target audience would be and we would arrange to ensure we maximise on that. See the sorts of things we look for in our Discovery process

Once the site is built and live then the performance of the site should be monitored and the SEO adjusted. See more about our maintenance packages.