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The Coronavirus has made a lot of people isolated and the reasons are many, including working from home, lockdowns, self isolating and so on. Guess what? They are going to be relying to a much greater degree to finding what they need online.

So consider, what's your online presence looking like. This is the time to make sure it's right up to spec and getting your future clients picking up that phone and getting you involved.

The Covid 19 crisis really can be an opportunity as more and more are forced online you need to be there. 



I have been so busy that I haven't been posting which is exactly the excuse my clients give me for not posting. So maybe I should be saying 'do what I say, not what I haven't been doing.


Should you be worried about how GDPR will effect your website? Probably not for the average brochure type website because it's all about the data you collect and what you do with it.

Facebook Apps

It would be hard to miss the press coverage of the Cambridge Analytica story and how they used Facebook apps to get into your data. Well to varying degrees there are many other organisations trying a similar thing on. 

Mind reader

That thorny subject of pricing and being a mind reader. I like to compare with the difference between making a movie on a mobile phone to that made with the full film crew.

Bespoke website design

Are you a designer or someone who knows exactly what they want? Have you noticed how many web developers have a tendency to tell you what you can and can't have?

Colouring Book

Consider, if you were an artist would you pop down to the stationers to get the latest colouring book for your next masterpiece?

Writers Block

When someone asks 'What do you want for your birthday?', do you always know? When you know you need a website, do you know what it's going to say?


You may have spent a fortune developing your company brand. You have gone to some trouble to ensure your communications are correctly branded to form that continuity.


I assume when your computer software needs updating your probably excited to discover what new features might have been included. On some systems you don't get the choice.

Two Birds

There are definitely advantages to have everything on one easy to access single page. But what are the implications of using this style of presentation?

Surprise bill

If you use a lawyer, the garage, even an accountant you generally don't discover the cost until you see the bill. Wouldn't be nice to know the cost before you hire?

Big bum

The question is more likley, 'is my website out of date?'. If it's more than six months old maybe. But that is no reason to worry, really.

Spam domain renewal

I would be surprised if as the owner of a domain you hadn't received a few of these. Emails purporting that your domain renewal is overdue.

Sea of sameness

There are loads of cool website builders out there. You can sign up and you could have a fully functioning website by the end of the day. So why would I want to hire a website designer to do it for me?


There was a time you could add a contact form to your website, people would use it to respond and you would contact them back, easy! Things are changing...

HTTPS Secure
How thoughtful of Google to want everybody feeling secure. Now urls with HTTPS, rather than http, in front of their domain name will be favoured on the searches. So should you do it?

New sofa

I was speaking to a company that had been referred to me yesterday. They were not happy with their website. Not a new issue as you can imagine...

Writers block

The biggest hold up on just about any website is the content. Assuming the business owners are experts in what they do, then they are the best people to create the content for the website.

Christmas Tree

Christmas is almost upon us, again, and most people are planning on a few days of relaxing and getting away from the day to day stress of running a business. Brilliant isn't it?


Many hosting packages now seem to feature unlimited bandwith. First do you know what it means and second how honest are they being.